Re-incarnation and statistics

09 Dec 2012 14:41 | Geplaatst door Marcel |

Re-incarnation is part of many religions. Not normally in Christianity or Islam, but it is part of many Eastern religions. And in the West, many people are open to the idea of re-incarnation.

Just like economy, religion is not a science. In fact it’s mostly based on speculation, opinion and interpretation, while the assumed source can be contradictionary. To gather facts about religious subjects is not easy to do then.
Facts are a relative subject anyway, but mostly we mean with it something that can be regarded as true and that we can see or measure.
It is being said all too often, “It’s a matter of belief”.

Speculation is of course very interesting, and everything becomes possible. Any one of us has had at least 5 lives, and all at the yard of some King Louis the howmanieth. We love a good romantic picture, and we won’t let facts get in the way of that too easily.
Personally I am not so very interested in all the speculation in religions. I try to live my life based of facts. Which simply means there isn’t much religion in my life. But let’s just give it a try…

Religion and thus re-incarnation can be held against statistics, and that way you can draw possible conclusions. It’s relatively simple. The current world-population is about 7 billion. In the whole history of Homo sapiens there have been about 14 billion people. From the view of re-incarnation you could say that everybody who is now alive has had on average 1 previous life.
That’s an average, so imagine that 1 person from the West with 5 previous lives means there can be 4 North Koreans who had no previous lives.

Now you can doubt about those statistics, because untill recently there was no UN that maintained those statistics. But according to archeological material it is assumptuous that it won’t deviate much. In older times the human population was very thin distributed. It is only since the twentieth century that we are with so many.

Mind you, these statistics say nothing about re-incarnation as animals. Or as creatures on another planet. That can of course be possible, but again, that would be speculation.

I would not want to argue that re-incarnation does not exist. Or even that it does exist. I just don’t know if it does or not.
It does seem plausible that we can forget the romantic view we have of re-incarnation. Anyhow, life in older times was mostly filled with poverty, hunger and disease, and wasn’t very romantic.