Playing with WordPress Core major updates in WP 5.6

10 Dec 2020 13:44 | Geplaatst door Marcel |

This week WordPress 5.6 was released and contains automatic updates for major versions. For new installs this is enabled by default, for existing installs this can be manually enabled.

One thing that I would want is to not have these automatic updates on the first major release, like 5.7, but have it update a few weeks later, on the first minor release, like 5.7.1.

Luckily this is possible, and this plugin came out of it:

/Edit 21:00 o’clock
And ofcourse I just received the tip that there is already a plugin that does this and much more :) The plugin WP Auto Updater has different modes for Core updates. My plugin does the same as the ‘minor_only’ mode.