Picture Time Photo Album

I made a simple image gallery, named Picture Time Photo Album. An example can be found on my photo page. I offer it for download here, if you want to use it, feel free.

  • Showing of images and directories
  • Possibility of theming
  • Lightbox popup
  • FTP uploads, upload images or directories, and they will automatically be integrated
  • Web uploads, you can make directories, upload images, and upload and unpack zipfiles
  • License: GPL3

You can unpack and upload the zipfile to your website. The directory picture_time should be in the document root.

The images are by default in /gallery, but any directory is good. Make sure the .htaccess in that directory points to the right directory. The directories with images should be writable, for example with permissions set to 777.

Thumbnails of directories can be made as thumb.jpg. When these are writable they will be resized as necessary.

The configuration is in config-dist.php. Rename this to config.php and adjust the settings.

For the weblogin to work you need a database. This is available in the /sql directory. Use your own database and user, and your own password. Save these settings in config.php.

Note: You will need the Exif module for PHP.


Picture Time 2.0