Peugeot demi-course from the sixties (PL50 or PX50)

07 Oct 2020 12:32 | Geplaatst door Marcel |

Again a Peugeot with guidonnet brake levers, this time with French cantilevers.

This Peugeot demi-course is probably from the early sixties. The rounded logo was used untill the mid sixties, after that the letters became more square. The fenders with extra details are from the fifties and sixties. In the fifties the luggage racks were higher and with a different shape.

Compared to my transparant-green demi-course from the late seventies the top-tube is 1cm shorter and the stem is 1cm shorter as well.

Almost everything about this bike is original, except the handlebar tape and the saddle. It probably had white handlebar tape in plastic. The current tires are Kenda with brown walls. When they are worn out, it will be time for Michelins with white walls.
And yes, the bike has lots of patina :) It will never ever become a collectors item.